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The Marc Guzman Story

I was born in San Francisco and raised in a small town called Fairfield, California. Growing up I knew my life would lead me into real estate. I built houses with legos as a child and took architecture courses in high school. Drafting became a hobby. People spend half their lives in their home and I could see the importance of having a home with pride.

My real estate career began in 2003. I obtained my real estate license and began to sell homes to real estate investors. Here I learned my craft in being able to pick and choose properties that would provide a good return-on-investment.

The Great Recession

When the 2008 Great Recession hit, my experience in working with investment property led me into working with banks and their Real Estate Owned properties. I was soon running an operation personally managing and selling 200 homes per year.

Despite my success at this point, I noticed that the real estate industry was slow to adapt. There was a lack of technology and no integration into property management. One huge component of having a successful investment is property management and quite frankly, I was not impressed with what was available. It became my goal to build a management company to address this void and during the height of my real estate sales career I began my journey into property management.

The following years became an educational journey for me. I was a sponge learning as much as I can from many sources. In 2011, I was asked by our local Realtor Association to launch the first ever Young Professionals Network and elected to the Board of Directors of our local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This led to further professional development and serving a total of five years on the Board of Directors for both the local Realtor Association and the California Association of Realtors. This helped me build a fantastic network of service vendors and professionals that are extremely valuable to this day.

The Leap of Faith content media

The Leap of Faith

In 2017, I took the leap of faith with two business partners and founded BG Asset Management – the company I dreamed of making one day. With a focus on technology, world-class marketing, being transparent and communication, I grew BG Asset Management into one of the largest property management companies in the Nation in just under three years. What makes us unique is that a client with one unit receives the same level of customer service as a client with 100 units. We now manage over 800 units and are growing at a rate of 300 units per year.

However, I still saw inefficiencies within the industry and wanted to realize my goal of creating an automated system to handle every aspect of an investments lifespan from purchase to management to maintenance to sale, while at the same time creating additional investment opportunities. The next phase of my journey was to add a construction component to service our properties and in 2019, with two partners, I launched RCC Residential Care and Construction.

This newly formed construction company quickly became the go-to for property management because it was founded on the principles of quality work at a reasonable price. Because I was familiar with the demands from property management, I was able to tailor RCC Residential Care and Construction to cater to this industry. Today, this company services multiple property management companies throughout the Northern California Region.

Looking Forward

2021 will be an exciting year for me, my companies and our clients that invest with us. On the property management side of things, we continue to add services while keeping our cost competitive and will be adding wealth management later in the year. On the construction side we are breaking ground on two multi-family new construction developments with the goal of providing workforce housing for over 85 families. Combine all this with our real estate brokerage, BCRE, we have a single solution for any level of real estate investor to manage or increase their portfolio.

And in 2022, we plan to announce our film production company with our projects in development… So stay tuned!