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Who we are as a company

BG Asset Management, Inc. offers property owners a single solution to manage their investment properties at an affordable price and assist owners in market changes, new landlord and tenant laws, and asset planning strategies.

We operate as a portfolio style management company. This means that you have one team that knows every aspect of your account, whether it be a single-family home or a 200-unit portfolio.

Our management team is specifically trained and educated in every field of management to assist you and your tenants in navigating today’s rapidly changing rental markets.


What Makes Us Different content media

What Makes our company different

Our company was founded by three brokers that have assisted many clients and guided them throughout the cycles of multiple real estate markets. This is possible due to our highly scrutinized market and asset analysis, and our collective understanding and insight into local, federal and global political and economic trends, and how they could directly or inversely affect our client’s real estate portfolio. This knowledge sets us apart from the competition.


Client Demographic content media

Our Client Demographic

As an independent real estate brokerage, we look forward to assisting in all of your real estate needs now and in the future, regardless of the size and scope of your goals. We have experience in managing a wide range of properties. From single family residences and apartment complexes, to commercial office and retail space, to government housing and community associations.


Value-Add Services content media

Value-Add Services

Amongst several value-add services, we offer clients an advanced entry and exit strategy matched to your risk appetite and preferences. We demonstrate our abilities, and the abilities of our industry professional partners, in taking advantage of not only the US tax code, including 1031 tax-deferred exchanges to upgrade into larger assets, but
also how to take advantage of our investment friendly immigration laws for out of country investors.

24/7 Maintenance Contact Center

Easy Mobile Reporting

Tenants are able to report maintenance items through their online portals or call our 24/7 maintenance center

Diagnosis and Dispatch

Our maintenance center diagnoses the reported item, dispatch the appropriate vendor, and coordinates access.

Professional Maintenance

Repairs are professionally handled in a timely manner to preserve your property and keep your tenant happy.

Owner Access Online

Monthly statements include all work orders, estimates, invoices and photos for your property repairs.

View Our Pricing

For the level of services we provide, you will find that we are very competitive and in many cases are more cost effective than competitors. We offer three pricing plans to accommodate various budgets.

Professional Rent Collection and Bookkeeping

Digital Rent Payments

Besides the traditional ways of paying rent, we offer an online portal and options to pay at any 7-Eleven or CVS

Tenant Assistance

For tenants struggling to pay rent, we assist them in obtaining housing assistance or free grants to cover rent.

Monthly Deposits

No matter the bank, we do a direct deposit to your account every month with a statement to match.

Detailed Reporting

Statements include an Income Statement, Cash Flow Report, Balance Sheet, and any other custom report you require



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Assets Under Management




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