Purchasing Personal Residence content media

Purchase or Sell a Residence

The goal of buying a home has been the American Dream for many years. For most, it’s the biggest investment of their lifetime. It’s important to work with a broker that understands the various market cycles, current competition and negotiation tactics to help you achieve completion of your home purchase – whether it’s your first home or secondary purchase. Same when it comes to selling a personal residence. Our team provides the guidance on renovating to sell for top-market.



Investing Real Estate content media

Investing in Real Estate

Our team specializes in investment property and where our expertise outshines the competition. Every property of interest is properly analyzed and scrutinized through our sales and management team. This gives our client the best picture possible of an investment and the likely return to expect. Additionally, we can create an entry and exit strategy for your investment if your goal is to increase your portfolio holdings.



Tax-Deferred Exchanges content media

1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges

Working with the appropriate partners, we assist clients in 1031 Tax-deferred Exchanges when selling a property and purchasing a replacement property. Most 1031 Exchanges are simple property-to-property exchanges but we have experience in handling more complicated exchanges such as selling a multi-property portfolio and exchanging into another multi-property portfolio.