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Building up a following for your small business on Facebook can be daunting task.  If you’ve ever tried, then you know how hard it is to get past even a few hundred followers that are not family and friends.  In this short article, I’ll break down the basics that any small business can use to...

Here is a quick how-to video on building your own credit report when you have no credit, or if you only have negative items on your credit report.

Imagine this:  the government decides one day that contributing to your 401k is no longer tax-deferrable?  Meaning instead of paying taxes on what you withdraw during retirement, you pay taxes now as you contribute to it.  This would affect millions of Americans.

As Congress continues to...

What if the government tells you that you MUST accept a tenant using Section 8 Housing Assistance?  What if I told you there is a bill in the California State Senate that would make this the case?

Senate Bill 1053 is currently circulating which would reclassify the financial assistance...

Many property owners are not aware of hidden fees charged by various property managers.  These hidden fees add up and some of these fees are illegally charged.  It is import to identify these hidden charges and know when you need to find yourself a new property manager.

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